LAN drive


LAN drive: Transform your phone as a network drive (also known as “z drive”).

Access your phone/device files with common softwares : MAC OS Finder, File Explorer, ES Explorer, VLC, Kodi etc. LAN Drive is a powerfull and easy SMB server – also known as SAMBA server – designed for filesharing. You could forget your usb key or your usb cable, you will never forget LAN Drive.

Features :

  • Copy/paste/rename files and folders on your device with MAC OS Finder, File Explorer, ES Explorer, etc.
  • Access DCIM (Photos and Videos) in your device as a network shared folder.
  • View your multimedia files with embedded mediaplayer (or external app).
  • Your device name appears automatically in MAC OS Finder, File Explorer, ES Explorer, VLC, Kodi etc.
  • Manage your device name (NetBios) and Workgroup name.
  • 3 authentication types : Anonymous with popup confirmation, Anonymous and Users with custom rights
  • Manage users and create your own shared folders with credentials.
  • View users connected and disconnect them.
  • Unlimited connections (several users can access your sharings at the same time)
  • 5 languages : English, Spanish, French, German, Italian.
  • Protocols SMB1 (CIFS) and SMB2 protocol (enable/disable via settings)


Available on all platforms: